Rubber products for the Railtransport

       Our company (VP RTT LLC) manufactures and supplies rubber products and spare parts for rail cars and tanks in any quantities: from small parties for private customers to large deliveries to corporate customers. Our company has accumulated vast experience in the manufacturing of rubber products. We produce and sell rubber products such as: rings, bushings, seals, shock absorbers, collars, gaskets, spacers, etc. All spare parts for railway wagons are made of high quality materials.


Spare Parts for tanks

Ring 40812-N (40812-Н)

Drawing Number 40812-N (1001-14)

40812-Н (1001-14)

Fitting Position: Drain device of tanks

Ring 40811-N (40811-Н)

Drawing Number 40811-N (1001-13)
(328 RTM32TsV206-87)

40811-Н (1001-13)
(328 РТМ32ЦВ206-87)

Fitting Position: Drain device of tanks.

It is used to seal the valve drain devices of tanks for petroleum products

Ring 35063-N (35063-Н)

Drawing Number: 35063-N (100.10.006-1)

35063-Н (100.10.006-1)

Fitting Position: Axle Box

Spare parts for rail cars

Gasket 35061-N (35061-Н)

Drawing Number: 35061-N


Fitting Position: Axle Box

Ring 1001-5/ 506 (1443.01.074)

Drawing Number: 1443.01.074

Fitting Position: Tank Filler Neck.

It is used to seal loading hatch of tanks for petroleum products 

Sales of Rubber Products



Rubber products for rolling stock  


рти для вагонов и цистернSealing rings of circular section are intended for sealing of hydraulic, fuel, lubricating and other devices.

VP RTT offers you rubber rings made of

  • Heat-resistant rubbers (+200°C and above),
  • Oil-resistant rubbers,
  • Frost-resistant rubbers with a temperature range of performance up to -60°C.
  • Rubbers with high resistance to accumulation of residual strain (deformations).
  • Rubbers with a wide range of hardness.

We offer all kinds of rubber rings for fixed and mobile joints (connections).


Sealing Rings



Sealing rings are used to seal shafts and other devices operating in various corrosive environments: oils, diesel fuel and high-temperature water, acids, alkalis, salts, different solvents.

Oil Seals

Oil seals are rubber products that are used to seal gaps between stationary (fixed) and rotating parts, to protect against penetration of oil during the shaft’s rotation. The main objective of its design is to grease the valve stem, while avoiding excessive penetration of oil into the combustion chamber.

Production of the whole range of rubber parts is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ND.

сальникиAt customer's request we can manufacture any rubber products with preliminary study of mold designs, technological preparation (selection of materials, rubber composition, etc.), if the customer provides us with the technical requirements for products. 

You can purchase rubber products at the following contacts:

We review orders in accordance with the preliminary written applications.


Address: Russia, Volgograd Region, City of Volzhskiy, Aleksandrova Street 85A.
Phones: (8443) 45-45-00, (8443) 45-45-01.
Contact Person: Krivobokov Vadim Valerevich, Executive Director

We review orders in accordance with the preliminary written applications.



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Rubber products for the Ministry of Railways