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"VP RTT" LLC produces moulded rubber products of the following constructions:

  1. Rubber monolithic;
  2. Reinforced: rubberized-fabric, rubberized-metal products

Depending on the operating conditions and technical requirements, our company produces:

  • Rubber products that serve for fixed joints (gaskets, rings, bushings, spacers);
  • Seals of mobile joints (connections) (rings, sleeves, bushings, seals, valves, diaphragms);
  • Shock absorbers
  • Power products;
  • Safety products;
  • Auxillary products for general use. 

LLC "VPRTT" sells only products of its own production and is not engaged in reselling.

VPRTT | Rubber Production

Rubber products for locomotives

Rubber products for cars and tanks

Rubber products for agricultural machinery, construction, oil and gas industry

Rubber mixes (compounds)
резинотехнические изделия РТИ для цистерн и вагонов резинотехнические изделия для сельскохозяйственной техники РТИ смеси
Rubber products and parts for the traction of railway locomotives and electric locomotives
  • rings
  • gaskets
  • shock absorbers
  • oil seals
  • spacers
  • sealing rings
  • seals
  • cartridge
  • diaphragms.
Rubber products for tanks and cars:
  • Hatch seals
  • O-ring for inlet, outlet, safety, respiratory valves
  • rings for valves. 

Rubber products for engine casings / agricultural machinery for SMD-12:

  • SMD 18 v (round)
  • SMD 18 n (flat)
  • SMD 60 v
  • SMD 60 n
  • A 41 v (flat)
  • A 41 n (round)
  • D 240
  • Tires for wheels of seeders
  • shut-off valves.

Vulcanized not milled rubber compounds:

  • 9831 SH
  • 7-V-14-1
  • 2012
  • 6429
  • 7-6218-10
  • 1385
  • VL-44-136
  • IRP-1348
  • IRP-1225
  • IRP 1266.
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Prices for rubber products


The company accepts applications for the required products from our price list.

We can produce rubber goods according to your individual requests. The design and technological capacities allow us to make molded rubber goods of any complexity with the exception of hoses, belts and parts larger than 600 mm. Start date of delivery of products is from two to six weeks depending on the complexity of manufacturing molds.

Quality of the products is confirmed by numerous references, you can read some of them on our website. 

About us

VPRTT LLC was founded as a small company in 1992, the actual production of rubber products got started in 1996 and the year 2016 marks 20 years since we have been in this market.

What is our company:

  • 3600 m2 – total space, 
  • 1200 m2 - area of the main production building with warehouses.

Closed production cycle: from rubber compound to finished products.

Hardware circuits of production include the following equipment: mixing rolls SM 2100 660 / 660P (СМ 2100 660/660П), warming rolls PD 830 320/320 (ПД 830 320/320), a single-screw machine MChH-80 (МЧХ-80), a single-screw machine MChH-63 (МЧХ-63), a single-screw machine MChH-90 (МЧХ-90), vulcanization presses PHG-60 (ПХГ-60).

The number of employees: 50. Mode of operation: around the clock, without holidays and weekends, this allows small teams to produce products worth up to 60 million roubles a year.

In Russia there are enterprises with a similar high quality production of moulded rubber goods but none has can offer equal or lower prices for similar products.

VPRTT LLC was founded as a small company in 1992, the actual production of rubber products got started in 1996 and the year 2016 marks 20 years since we have been in this market.

We are always glad to have mutually beneficial cooperation.

All products are made of high quality raw materials, confirmed by certificates of conformity. The products we manufacture and supply undergo strict quality control. Here you will find the best prices and prompt delivery.

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